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Buying a property in Spain

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The process of buying a property in Spain is quite different from that in the UK and it is important to understand a few of the main considerations:


Once you have actually selected a property, the first thing you will need to do is to select an Abagado or Solicitor. We can help in this process because it is essential to ensure that the property purchase is transacted in the right manner. For example, once you have purchased your property you will inherit all outstanding debts and charges that relate to the property. A key function of your Abagado is to make sure that the property is free from any such debts or charges before you make your purchase.

Bank Accounts

You will need to set up a local bank account to ensure that all bills can be paid locally. A process similar to a direct debit system exists in Spain and most of your ongoing bills will be paid in this manner.


You also need to be aware of the various costs which you will incur during your process and ensure that you budget accordingly. You should expect to in the following range:

  • Solicitors fees will be around 3% of the declared property value
  • A tax of around 7% of the declared value is payable to the State on completion
  • If this is a second home allow around 5% of the property value for furnishings
  • If the property you are purchasing is an apartment you will have ongoing "community" fees but these tend to be fairly modest

As part of your buying process, we are happy to provide a range of advise and support.